Monday, November 17, 2008

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The Woman In You

Hugo Boss Femme

Eau de Parfum

Looking for something which brings out the feminity in you and do not want to be too matured?

Hugo Boss Femme is the best choice for you.


A floral sheer oriental fragrance that represents ultra feminine beauty. Complimentary ingredients form a radiant cloud of sophisticated femininity. The fresh citrus Tangerine note lifts the emotions, preparing the senses for the floral bouquet. The Freesia note carries the luminous scent of Stephanotis and Oriental Lily. These notes are further heightened by Rose petals for a radiating floral aura of utmost femininity. Fortification of the aura with a creamy musk-like accord gives the scent a silky-smooth finish.


30 ml: RM 133

(Counter Price: RM 162 - you save Rm29!)

50 ml: RM 165

(Counter Price: RM 210 - you save RM 45!)

*Testers are also available*

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Coming Soon in YourBeautyShows!

L'Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara

Calvin Klein Euphoria

Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

Will be back with more updates soon!

Keep checking on babes!

There will be more to come!

Brushing Up

In case you are having doubts about us when you're shopping and looking around, here are the frequent FAQs and hopefully, they'll be able to help you solve your questions. :)

Q: Does YourBeautyShows really offer the lowest prices around?
A: Yes, we do. We are proud to say that we really do offer almost the lowest prices around. Bear in mind that we are selling genuine products. We are sad to say that some blogshops do sell at very low prices claiming that they're genuine - but at real, things have been added to the bottle. Things like this definitely will not happen to our customers here. We make our greatest efforts into providing the cheapest price possible worthy of genuine items.

Q: Are the products genuine?
A: We can guarantee that all our products being sold are 100% GENUINE. Money back guarantee.

Q: How do we make sure that the perfume bought from YourBeautyShows are genuine?
A: Guidance will be provided when perfumes are being sold. Buyers can either personally messaage us, or we'll teach them how to test the perfume upon sale.

Q: Is it true that buyers can't find the Exclusives or Miniatures outside?
A: Yes. It is impossible for shoppers to be able to find our products in the Exclusives and Miniatures section outside in thier daily shopping malls or perfume shops. Miniatures maybe, but not at this price. If you can - we'll call you powerful.

Q: What do you mean by "Testers"?
A: Shoppers are often worried about Testers. All the Testers sold here at YourBeautyShows are completely BRAND NEW. They are never-used-before Testers. The only difference is that there is the "Tester" seal on it. So, don't worry - all our Testers here are 100% brand new.

Q: We can only buy the products posted onine on the site?
A: No, buyers can request on the product that they want, and we can provide the price for them. Any brand is available - so, no worries!

Q: There are a few blogshop owners who disappears with their buyers' money....
A: We understand how online shoppers feel. They want the product but they're worried about the trustworthyness of the blog owners. Don't worry, YourBeautyShows will never run away with your money - promise :)

If you still have any doubts or any comments about us, feel free to drop us a mail anytime and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Friday, November 14, 2008


Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste

Eau de Toilette

Another Bvlgari fragrance for you people!

Also another bottle with a special design - another collectible perhaps?


40 ml: RM 195

(Counter Price: RM 233 - you save RM 38!)

65 ml: RM 250

(Counter Price: RM 303 - you save RM 53!)


40 ml: RM 150

(you save RM 83 from Counter Price!)

65 ml: RM 199

(you save RM104 from Counter Price!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diamonds are Forever


Emporio Armani DIAMONDS

For Her (Beyonce Knowles) - Eau de Parfum

For Him (Josh Harnett)


For Her

50ml - RM 155

(Counter Price: RM 188 - you save RM 33!)

100 ml - RM 199

(Counter Price: RM 235 - you save RM 36!)

For Him

50ml - RM 155

(Counter Price: RM 181 - you save RM 26!)

100 ml - RM 180

(Counter Price: RM 210 - you save RM 30!)

*Testers are also available*

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*Prices for Bvlgari Rose Essentielle updated. Further reduction!

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